Products and displays must not exceed 2mH along backing walls and 1.5mH along the sides of stands. If any stallholder exceeds these height limitations they will be required to remove or resize the oversized items to fit the correct specifications before being permitted to exhibit. Stallholders who fail to comply will not be permitted to exhibit and will not receive a refund.

Stallholders must not trade outside their stand boundary; this includes placing additional furniture, displays or products outside your stand footprint as well as staff standing in the aisles. Stallholders who fail to comply will not be permitted to trade and will not receive a refund.

Displays must allow access for staff to enter and exit via the front of their stand. Side access is not guaranteed, for example you may be located within a row of stands with neighbours either side of you.

Designers are not permitted to use their stalls for clearance sales. Stands displaying signage or promoting their offering predominantly as a discount sale will not be permitted to trade. Large ‘sale’ banners and discount bins/open cardboard boxes are not permitted. Our commitment is to produce a premium event that will benefit all exhibitors.


Stallholders must present their stands to a high standard and be set up and ready to trade before 10am. Stallholders must not pack up or leave before 5pm on the day of the event, regardless of if they sell out of stock beforehand.


Stallholders are not permitted to sublease their stand to third parties. Markit + BakeSale reserves the right to ask stallholders to remove any unapproved brand items and signage.


Any new products/product lines introduced after applications have been assessed must be submitted to the organisers for approval as soon as possible. The organisers reserve the right to refuse the addition of new products to be sold at the event if the product does not comply with our curatorial requirements.


Markit + BakeSale is not responsible for breakages, damages or theft of any products, displays, or personal belongings brought to the venue. Stallholders will take due care to prevent injury and property damage.