Selection criteria


Demand for a stall at Markit + BakeSale is high. We are looking for a point of difference in terms of originality, quality, innovation & presentation. The decision to approve stalls will be based on the following criteria:

Products submitted in your application
• are designed by you (re-sellers of independent designers products that fit this criteria may also be considered)
• display originality and creativity in design or concept
• are of high quality
• are not already represented in the market
• are suitable for a market environment
• meet appropriate safety standards (electrical or mechanical products and food products are required to have relevant licenses and approvals)

All applications will be thoroughly assessed and all successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified to that effect. No further correspondence will be entered into. Markit + BakeSale organisers reserve the right not to explain why an application was unsuccessful.

Application tips

Supply great images
It is important to supply good quality photos of your products – they can make a big difference in our decision-making process as they give us an idea about the look and feel of your potential stall. For example, don’t use dark or blurry photos; make sure your pictures are high quality and well lit, with a simple background.

Stand out
Your application should show the uniqueness of your product. For emerging designers, it is important to research your competitors and show us how your product is unique.
Use the ‘Special requests’ section in the online application form to further explain:
• how your product is different, innovative and will stand out from the rest
• your creative processes and motivations
• your materials and manufacturing methods (please keep this information brief)

Professional stall display and branding
Stalls need to be presented in a creative and professional way, including any signage used. Use of large vinyl pull-up banners is discouraged. Submit an example of your stall/product display in your application if you have previous market/retail experience.

Considerate communication
When getting in touch, please consider your communication as it will reflect your professionalism.

If you have any further queries please email